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Bar/Nightclub POS Systems

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Bar/Nightclub POS systems is a software program that processes transactions and provides sales reports. Bars specifically need a POS system that can pre authorize credit cards, manage bar tabs, and track inventory based on drink sales.  Billixx IT offers full service installation, service and support for bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Order Entry and Ticket Handling

Servers and bartenders want a POS system that allows them to effortlessly fulfill customer requests. Whether the customer wants to split a check 10 ways or just switch tables, Our Amigo POS software makes it easy for your staff to keep customers happy.

  • Transfer tickets to other users
  • Change tables
  • Customize ticket names
  • Split checks
  • Share items
  • Apply payments to other users’ tickets
  • Repeat previously ordered items
  • Hold (and release) menu items to kitchen
  • Use on-screen keyboard to add special requests
  • Change price or quantity of an item
  • View ticket details with Ticket Status Display
  • Tickets are stored forever - ideal for tabs or catering
Point of Sale Transaction