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Amigo POS Web Ordering is an on-line ordering system for restaurants that integrates into your website and links directly to your POS system. The integration between the POS System and the Web Ordering system allows information to automatically transfer bewtween the two systems. This provides several key benefits:

  • Set-up is quick and easy!┬áThe on-line system will import all of your current menu information without any need to re-enter data.
  • When you add a new menu item, it can be synchronized to appear on-line.
  • When a customer places and order on your website, the order will automatically be entered into your POS System and print at the specified time.


How is your restaurant performing? Amigo POS has more than 70 built-in reports that you can access with a few touches.

  • Instantly access daily reports
  • Print on receipt printers, and preview on screen
  • Database stores all information permanently
  • Track audit trail of items sold
  • Create reports from all data with unlimited history
  • View reports on screen
  • Save reports as PDF, Excel, .csv, .rtf or other formats
  • See, access and use the underlying dataItem price and quantity generates dynamically
  • Hide taxes for over-the-bar transactions
  • Create taxation rules
  • Change similarly-priced items in one step (surcharges, thresholds, GST taxes)
  • Create happy hour or other promotional discounts
  • Restrict discounts by job
  • Suppress hidden discounts on customer prints
  • Restrict manual discount availability by item
  • Make discounts apply to tickets, items or both
  • Add unlimited void reasons with detailed tracking