CRM/ERP Solutions

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Project Management

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Vendor Management

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Billixx IT Managed Services

Spare your time and money. Arrange our support specialists take good care of your virtual server for just $20.99 /month.

Monitoring, Troubleshooting & Installation

Server managing is a rather challenging responsibility for inexperienced VPS end users – you have to monitor how your virtual server is doing, to find out if it is overloaded, to check if all the services are performing okay. It is a procedure that needs undivided attention, and you most likely do not have time to take care of that. That is the reason why we propose that we do the job instead of you. If you take advantage of our Managed Services deal, we will be keeping a constant eye on your VPS and all the processes running on it. In this way you will have much more time for your websites or applications.