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Private Cloud Business Technologies The Billixx IT Consulting Secure Cloud website hosting system works faultlessly and it makes no difference what sites or web applications are hosted on it or…

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OpenCart is among the most well liked e–commerce apps on the planet. It provides you all the features you will want to get started with your own business. It offers…

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Secure Cloud

Private Cloud Managed Services Leave the administration of your private cloud to our skilled administrators! In case you do not have server administration expertise, you are able to leave that…

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Network Security

Advanced Network Endpoint Protection IDS/IPS systems can generate an enormous amount of data. Having too much data is just as bad as having no data at all. Properly deploying, configuring,…

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About Us

We have contributed hundreds of hours building the three cornerstones of our hosting company: our cloud website hosting plans platform, the Hosting Control Panel and our excellent 24/7 support. At Billixx IT Consulting, we have…

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