Business Technology Solutions

Private Cloud Business Technologies The Billixx IT Consulting Secure Cloud website hosting system works faultlessly and it makes no difference what sites or web applications are hosted on it or…

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We are a Trusted (MCSSP) Managed Cyber-Security Solutions Provider Billixx IT Consulting is a trusted Managed Network Security partner for a wide range of clients. In contrast to the reactive…

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Managed IT Support

Billixx IT Consulting can provide your business with continuous IT consulting and IT support in a personal and professional manner. We have the tools and the expertise to resolve IT…

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Cloud Security

Cloud Security Services Billixx cloud security provides a broad set of control-based technologies and policies deployed to protect information, data, applications and infrastructure associated with cloud computing. As with on-premises…

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Network Security

Advanced Network Endpoint Protection IDS/IPS systems can generate an enormous amount of data. Having too much data is just as bad as having no data at all. Properly deploying, configuring,…

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