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We are a Trusted (MCSSP) Managed Cyber-Security Solutions Provider
Billixx IT Consulting is a trusted Managed Network Security partner for a wide range of clients. In contrast to the reactive solutions typical today, Billixx's early warning intrusion detection technology enables our intrusion prevention system to deliver first-strike protection to ensure that no attackers get near your network. The Billixx Secure Web Gateway includes an extrusion prevention feature to support Data Loss Prevention (DLP), so that confidential company information doesn't leave your network either accidentally or intentionally.

Your Customer Data is Secure with Billixx IT Consulting Intrusion Prevention

The Benefits of Managed Cyber-Security:
Cybercrime is advancing at a record pace, and today’s enterprises face targeted, real-time attacks that are increasingly more sophisticated. As a result, IT professionals are highly sensitized to the importance of securing their infrastructure. For most, however, security is not their primary responsibility—and vigilance is often diluted in the mix of competing priorities. As an expert extension of your IT organization, Billixx IT Consulting has your back 24/7/365 with vigilance that never wavers.

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