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Remote Wireless Security Monitoring

Secure Wireless Networking

Billixx IT Consulting provides remote monitoring of Wireless Networks including access points. We provide 24x7 monitoring and troubleshooting of your networks and systems. Billixx network engineers securely monitor your networks using the best-of-breed enterprise network management tools. If our monitoring platform detects a problem, our technicians will immediately attempt to determine the source. Our system engineers will securely login to your systems from our Network Operations Center. If the issue can be quickly resolved, we will correct it, and you will be notified with an exception report.

If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, we will escalate through contacts in your organization, your vendors, or your service provider, until the issue has been completely resolved. Besides monitoring we also implement a security assessment, which ensures that the WLAN complies with effective security policies. For most situations, this is necessary whether or not the network implements effective security mechanisms. We conduct regular, periodic security reviews to ensure that a change to the WLAN doesn't make the system vulnerable to hackers.

A review once each year may suffice for low risk networks, but a review each quarter or more often may be necessary if the network supports high-risk information.

Benefits of Remote Security

- Remote system administration & wide range of services from adding new users, changing printer setups, tuning the network for peak performance and 24 hour network monitoring
- System Upgrades/Migrations
- Complete Network Services / Administration and Data Recovery
- Full advantage taken from the existing network infrastructure, enabling new security features on the router through upgrading IOS without deploying additional hardware
- Protection for your gateway by deploying security functions at all entry points into the network
- Save time and money for your business by reducing the number of devices & by lowering the training and manageability costs
- Secure infrastructure by protecting the router, defending against attacks that are targeted directly at the network infrastructure such as distributed denial-of-service (DDos) attacks

Comprehensive Network Documentation

- Site Assessments and Site Surveys.
- Investigate physical installations of access points and provide remote monitoring for a secured architecture.
- Improve the security of your network components (router, firewall, and switch).
- Harden your router configuration and make it more resilient to attacks. Billixx will take countermeasures to address common network threats including information gathering, sniffing, spoofing, session hijacking and denial of service.
- Security Assessments and Architecture.
- WLAN implementation, WLAN security implementation, WLAN management and WLAN network support.