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The Billixx Cloud Platform

Here's a little about us.  We have contributed hundreds of hours building the three cornerstones of our hosting company: our cloud website hosting plans platform, the Hosting Control Panel and our excellent 24/7 support.

At Billixx Cloud Services, we are experts at providing premium-quality, human-centric web hosting services. Our aim is to make the hosting service as user-friendly as possible.

Website Hosting Services

Our portfolio includes a large variety of hosting packages, which offer abundant data storage space and web traffic allotments, domain registration/transfer options, easy-to-navigate Domain and Email Managers, multi-website hosting possibilities, as well as free-of-cost bonus tools, including a single-click app installer and a site builder. All hosting accounts can be easily administered via our multilingual Control Panel. A 24-7-365 customer service is available too.

Managed Cloud Services

What differentiates us from other cloud hosting vendors is the fact that we have a different hosting platform and Control Panel. The main contrast between our Hepsia Control Panel and the popular cPanel is that our hosting Control Panel offers billing, domain and website administration possibilities, which saves you the effort of memorizing several usernames and passwords for different hosting Control Panels.

A Secure Cloud Computing Solution

Designed and developed by the founders of Billixx, our cloud hosting platform performs efficiently irrespective of what web application you want to manage or the number of concurrent connections that are accessing your domain. Even more important, it can hold up against any familiar Denial–Of–Service attack. That is why, Billixx is able to confidently provide you with 99.9% uptime guarantee. This means that your cloud will continue to be online and will continue to serve all of your customers no matter what happens in the background.

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