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Remote Network Security Monitoring

Billixx IT Consulting provides comprehensive support for network audits, security assessments to analyze network choke points and security vulnerabilities to ensure your business continuity. With Billixx's Security Assessment, you will get the added confidence of a comprehensive, independent review.

Benefits to Customers

Billixx's security consultants will conduct an in-depth, end-to-end review of your e-business application: the application's architecture, design and function, its development and maintenance processes, its operational processes and technology components including the platform it runs on, the networking services used, and any data base or operating platform services used.

Services Provided

- Meetings with members of the application development teams to understand the overall application architecture, design and its related development processes
- Review application's business security and privacy requirements, architecture specifications, functional specifications and test plans
- Review existing security policies
- Review system architecture and configurations
- Review operational support tools and procedures
- Verify configurations of security devices
- Investigate physical installations of access points
- Perform penetration tests
- Analysis of selected application code for common security vulnerabilities related to implementation
- Analysis of the operating system platform, database, network, and legacy system security services used by the application for new security and privacy risks
- Validation of any security and privacy dependencies the application has on components and processes in the existing infrastructure
- Review the application and associated processes with respect to your organization's security and privacy policies and standards
- Provide a detailed final report describing the strengths and weaknesses found, conclusions and recommended actions, and a summary of recommend improve