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Network Security

Advanced Network Endpoint Protection

IDS/IPS systems can generate an enormous amount of data. Having too much data is just as bad as having no data at all. Properly deploying, configuring, maintaining, and reviewing your IDS/IPS infrastructure is as crucial as the attacks. Billixx IT Consulting has the experience and the ability to remotely monitor and manage an IDS/IPS solution that meets your business needs and protect your network against unseen network attacks. You place value on your company's network infrastructure, now let Billixx help you secure it with world-class enhanced security at reduced cost.

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Malware Removal

Network Security Services

Identify and prevent intrusive or malicious behavior via monitoring of network activity 24x7 by remote IDS Management services.

  • Monitor and inform clients of any alerts on server environment conditions.
  • Maintain vulnerability patching to apply fixes to stop the exploitation of known vulnerabilities
  • Provide flexibility to apply security functionality, such as firewall, intrusion detection system and VPN in the network to maximize security benefit.
  • Provide variable service features to meet specific business issues and customization of IDS to suit your organization’s security policy.
  • Intrusion Trend Analysis, for valuable insights into intrusion trends, which leads to the formulation of improved security policies.
  • Preventive maintenance on servers such as applying critical updates and monitoring, logs, etc
  • Management of multiple remote systems from a central console.
Billixx Networking

Benefits to Customers

  • Remote surveillance of unmanned, critical network elements to enable immediate response to problems
  • Analysis of network data and alarms to enable deployment of appropriate service personnel
  • Proactive identification of issues that could impact delivery of services prior to an interruption of your normal business processes
  • Relieve your staff of labor-intensive 24x7 network monitoring.
  • Billixx will deliver you high-performance security surveillance solutions for both enterprise and service-provider networks to increase security visibility, denial-of-service (DoS) protection and anti-hacking detection
  • Deliver a wide range of sensing solutions, enabling corporate internets, intranets, extranets and critical web servers to operate without security interruptions
  • Eliminate potential and actual problems fast, sometimes without human intervention
  • IT staff will not be required at the remote sites to monitor endpoints