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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Managed Cybersecurity

Managed IT Services provided by Billixx include a comprehensive approach to breach protection for business networks, endpoints and critical cloud infrastructure.

Managed IT Support

Billixx IT Consulting can provide your business with continuous IT consulting and IT support in a personal and professional manner. We have the tools and the expertise to resolve IT issues remotely.

Cloud Hosting Services

Billixx IT has engineered a completely ground–breaking, genuine cloud website hosting plans system that’s both easy–to–navigate and simple to manage. Significantly improved version of SELinux included

Network Management

Our System Integration Group concentrates on providing 'complete' solutions, rather than supplying just hardware and software. Advanced endpoint security management is included with this service.

Secure Cloud Email

With Billixx secure cloud email services, you’ll be able to create an unlimited number of email accounts with any domain name hosted on the server and to set them up with any email app.

Website Design & Hosting

Billixx IT offers a wide range of web designing, hosting and maintenance services to its clients. Our top of the line staff will work with you step by step to create the type of website you are looking for.

Monitoring, Troubleshooting & Installation

Our Managed IT Services package allows business owners to focus on their business, not the underlying technology! That's where Billixx steps in to fully manage ALL aspects of their technology environment, which includes the design, deployment, and training of any systems your business requires.

Server managing is a rather challenging responsibility for inexperienced VPS end users – you have to monitor how your virtual server is doing, to find out if it is overloaded, to check if all the services are performing okay. It is a procedure that needs undivided attention, and you most likely do not have time to take care of that. That is the reason why we propose that we do the job instead of you. If you take advantage of our Managed IT Services package, we will be keeping a constant eye on your VPS and all the processes running on it. In this way you will have much more time for your websites or applications.

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Managed IT Support
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