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Managed Cybersecurity

Managed Endpoint Protection

Managed cybersecurity services provided by Billixx IT Consulting include a comprehensive approach to breach protection for business networks, endpoints and critical cloud infrastructure.  In the era of IoT, internet connected systems and devices are becoming the standard for business operations and communications.  Our reliance on these networks have made cyber-security a top priority because of the many threat vectors that exist on the internet.  Billixx IT Consulting takes a layered approach to securing our clients' digital assets.  We can secure entire networks or focus on critical endpoints within networks.  We also have the ability to deploy Secure Web Gateways in between networks and the web using Zero Trust Security Models and associated security policies.

Cybersecurity Features:

  • Secure DNS Filtering
  • Web Access Monitoring
  • Access Reporting
  • Malware Containerization
  • Unknown File Hunting
  • File Access Reports
  • Secure Anti-spam Gateway
  • Endpoint Security Management
  • Network Security Monitoring
  • Remote Security Monitoring
Malware Removal

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