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With Billixx IT Private Cloud website hosting plans, you will never concern yourself with hard disk space. While most providers create accounts on a single server and at some point all the server hard disk space will be in use, we have employed a cloud hosting system where the files, email messages and databases are handled by distinct clusters of servers. Thus, each and every machine performs better since just a single kind of processes is working on it, and the SSD storage is unlimited due to the fact that we can always connect additional servers or hard drives to the cluster, based on whether we need more processing power or more space. You won't ever experience a scenario where you can't upload more files as there is no available SSD space on the server, that's a matter you may come across with other suppliers. If you use Billixx IT website hosting services, you can be sure that shortage of space will not be a hold-back for the progress of your web sites.

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