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If your website is the primary source of your cash flow, it is essential to have it accessible online 24–7, irrespective of how many visitors you are currently having. At Billixx IT Consulting, we’ve got the ideal option for you – Billixx IT Consulting’s optimized PrestaShop cloud website hosting plans plans. Every single package is backed up by a 99.9% server uptime guarantee, which means that your site will be visible online 24/7/365, no matter what.

Billixx Website Accelerator Tools will help you boost your website’s speed, but demand a little more work upfront. Our Quick Website Installer can set up a new web site for you with a custom–made design template in just 4 easy steps. With Billixx IT Consulting’s Free Of Charge Website Building Application, you can create a new website from scratch, without having to possess any HTML, PHP or CSS abilities, but you will have to build each page manually. And that’s only a short list of what you can do with our Hosting Control Panel.

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